13 Ways to Land a Job Interview

13 Ways to Land a Job Interview

Before you can get a job offer, you have to get a job interview. How do you get a job interview? Here’s how-

1.      Make a list of all the people you know who work in the same field or occupation as you

Reach out to them. Ask if they could help you get a job interview where they work. This is called networking-people connecting through other people.

2.      Use email or social media to connect with your friends

Ask for their help too. Tell what kind of job you are looking for and the city where you want to work. Spread the word. Ask your friends to ask their friends. Don’t forget to thank your friends.

3.      Connect with your connectors

Connectors are people who know lots of other people. They have large networks of friends, relatives, and contacts. Connectors include teachers, business owners, realtors, police officers, and other people you know. Talk to as many connectors as you can. You’ll be surprised who can make a phone call and set up a job interview for you.

4.      Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn are not only great places to connect with friends, classmates, and colleagues- they are also great places for recruiters to connect with you. Lots of employers use Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit people. Search Facebook and LinkedIn for “groups” that are interested in your industry or your occupation.

5.      Do you have a top-ten list of employers?

Visit their websites and see what kind of job openings they have. Look through the job postings and apply for the jobs you are qualified to do. When you find a job that interests you, bookmark that webpage.

6.      Answer some help-wanted advertisements

Job boards like,, and are popular ways to find job openings. Check your area’s online newspapers for help-wanted ads, plus the help ads posted on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn too.

7.      Mail a letter and ask for a job interview

Suppose you want to work for SawBuck Bank. Why not send them a letter and ask for a job interview? Why not pull together a list of all the companies in your area and send them a letter asking them for a job interview? Use or to find employers in your industry. Type your industry and zip code in the search field. This will bring up a list of all those businesses in your area.

8.      Call a hiring manager and ask for a job interview

Hiring managers get lots of letters, resumes, and job applications. They respond quickly to the top candidates. But, the rest of us have to find a way to stand out. How can you stand out? Easy. Just pick up the phone and give the manager a call. It says that you have the guts and that you really want to work for their company.

9.      Look for some “Now Hiring” signs

One of the easiest ways to get a job interview is to look for “Now Hiring” signs on business buildings, doorways, and billboards. Walk into the shop, store, or office. Smile, and ask one of the employees if you can fill out a job application. Ask a few questions to show your interest.

10.  Attend a job fair or a company open house

Where can you meet dozens of hiring managers, face to face, all in one day, all in one place? Simple. Go to a job fair or a company open house. Managers are standing there waiting to meet you. To find an event in your area, Google Job Fair, Career Fair, and Company Open House. Also, check with the Career Services Department at your school to see if they’re planning a job fair.

11.  Sign up with a temporary employment agency

Temporary employment agencies are match makers. They bring together employers that need help and job hunters who need work. Working for a temp agency is a great way to get your foot in the door at a good company. You’ll learn new skills, gain experience, make contacts, and build references.

12.  Visit your School’s Career Services Department

Many employers are loyal to local schools and regularly post job openings with the school’s career center. Career centers have good working relationships with company recruiters and hiring managers. Visit your school’s career center and speak with a counselor.

13.  Visit your state’s One-Stop Career Center

Your state government operates a number of One-Stop Career Centers. These One-Stops are open to the public and provide job listings, referrals, career counseling, job hunting workshops, and job fairs. One-Stops also have people who work closely with hiring managers and recruiters for local businesses. To find a One-Stop Career Center in your area, visit, or Google “One Stop Career Center.”

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