Career Fair Do's

If you are planning on going to a Career Fair or Job Fair then I have a few tips you need to know and try out.

  • Dress for success - Remember dress professional this might be the day you meet your future employer.
  • Bring extra supplies - (note pads, resumes, pens) you are going to want to take notes and you need to hand out resumes to the potential employers. Bring a pen in case you are asked to fill out a job application.
  • Arrive early - Arriving early shows responsibility and dependability, both great qualities employers look for.
  • Attend a workshop - If they offer workshops don't hesistate to attend. In addition to getting job search advice, you'll have more opportunities to network.
  • Take Initiative - Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table and always have eye contact.
  • Ask questions - The more you engage them, the better impression you'll make. Remember you are trying to impress them and cast a good lasting memory of you which at the end might get you the job.

In conclusion, practicing these tips will increase your opportunity to finding an excellent job or career. Do not be afraid to stand out!

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