Use The "right stuff" to build your resume

Use the "right stuff" to build your resume

1. Your Contact Information

At the top of the page, type your full name, mailing address, telephone number with area code, plus your email address

2. Your Goal

In one short sentence, tell what kind of work you want. 

3. Your Education

Start with your most recent school or program. Give the school's name and city/state address. Name the award, certification, or degree earned plus the award date. 

4a. Work Experience

Start with your most recent employer. Give the employer's name and city/state address. Give your job title plus your beginning and ending dates.  If you are still employed there, give your starting date and the word 'present" to show you still hold that job.

4b. No Work Experience

Instead of work experience, create a section titled "Accomplishments." Provide two or three substitute examples from school, volunteering, or life projects to show what you achieved.

5. Your Skills List

Create a section called "Skills" and simply list the names of any important tools, devices, programs, procedures, licenses, and systems that you can operate or perform.

6. Additional Information

This section is optional but a great place to mention any special talents, abilities, or awards that might interest the employer. 



Seventy-five percent of hiring managers said they prefer a chronological resume that list your most recent job first. 


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