Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Western Technical College?

Western Technical College has an active student enrollment, though the number of students varies from month to month. The facility is currently 200,000 square feet.

How long does it take to graduate?

Our programs typically run 9 to 27 months in length. How long you take depends on how focused you are and what schedule you choose. Most of our students graduate on time. You can find the length of the program under Areas of Study.

How big are the classes?

Our classes typically have 25 students per class. That way you get plenty of chance to interact with your instructors and participate in the hands-on lab classes.

How many faculty members are there?

We have six program directors covering 10 programs, along with other instructors to help with each program. You will never have more than 25 students in any class.

How are faculty selected?

For starters, we only select instructors who have years of real-world experience. Then we screen for those professionals who can teach. Not everybody who can do a job can teach it. Finally we invest a lot of time and resources in equipping our faculty with the teaching skills and resources, as well as on-going training, so that they can prepare you to turn your passion into a successful career.

How long has Western Technical College been around?

Western Technical College has been teaching students like you since 1970. We have more than 15,000 Graduates, most of whom are applying skills they learned with us in rewarding careers.

Is financial aid available?

There are several financial aid options available to you as a Western Technical College student. Our friendly financial aid staff can explain all of the programs and options available. They can even help you fill out the applications. You can learn more about the Financial Aid options here.

What kind of work experience is available?

In addition to our lab work — which is conducted in modern facilities that are just like you’ll encounter after graduation — we also offer a one-month Internship. The internship will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills with an actual employer on their job site. This will help you improve your skills by working alongside experienced professionals. You’ll also learn about the other demands of working in the business world beyond just knowing your trade —such as dealing with customers and patients, coworkers, and managers.

What is available to active military personnel and veterans?

Active military and veterans have a special place in our hearts, which is why we have made an extra effort to serve the needs of service members and their families — like extending a 10% tuition discount. Western Technical College is a member of the Army Continuing Education System, and has been designated as a Servicemembers Opportunity Consortium college. For more information, click here.

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