Welding Lab Upgrades Considered Industries Best


Western Tech has always placed safety first for its students and employees, which is the driving factor for the recent improvements of equipment in the welding lab area. The welding lab area was recently updated with a complete new exhaust system. “We also recently finished painting the shop, so there is a whole new look to the lab,” says Richard Morris, Program Director.  In addition, the original lighting was completely replaced by LED lighting which is very helpful for the students to be able to see exactly what they’re doing.

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The exhaust system was replaced with the modern fume extraction system that is worth more than $200,000.00. This is a major upgrade to provide a safe environment for Western Tech students and employees. “We wanted a safe environment, while keeping the health of our students in mind,” says Morris. “You’re not going to find a better exhaust system in any welding shop, anywhere in the country.”

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