Career Development

At Western Technical College, Career Development is more than just another school department — it's a key part of our philosophy. Our dedicated team believes that an important part of your educational experience is reaching your ultimate goal — finding a career that you are passionate about.

When you reach your goal, you will join the ranks of thousands of Western Technical College graduates who are doing something they're passionate about everyday.

achievement [uh-cheev-muhnt]
noun – something completed successfully; goal reached.

The definition of achievement is going to be different for each of our graduates. For some it will be making a difference in the lives of their customers, for others it might be opening up their own business back in their hometown. The paths are all different, but the goal is the same — waking up every day to do something that you're passionate about.

You don’t just want a job, you want a career with passion. That’s where we can help. Western Technical College has maintained an excellent graduate employment record, which we are determined to continue — locally and out of town. However, graduate employment results are greatly influenced by students’ attendance, overall attitude, academic performance, driving record, and background.

Are you serious about your passion and your success? Western Technical College is the place to start.

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