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Without your support, Western Technical College would not be the best place for students to turn their passion into a successful career. 

One of the big advantages to hiring a Western Technical College graduate is that they know how to go to work coming out of college. All students attend an externship while attending Western Technical College, which gives them the hands-on-experience in the real world. This allows our graduates the opportunity to jump in and start work immediately.

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Customized Training

Western Technical College is a leader in developing, delivering, and administering customized training solutions for the diverse performance and productivity needs for local and national allows businesses and individuals to make a dramatic difference in their performance. By providing quality skills to support new and existing computer applications, services, and products that are an essential element of your business, you can enhance the professional development and technical skills of your employees. REQUEST MORE INFORMATION

Career Services Contacts:

Helen Garcia

Helen Garcia
Director of Career Services

email: hgarcia@westerntech.edu

Phone: (915) 231-4932 

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