Day & Evening Classes

Western Technical College takes great pride in being a college for the real world.  One way the college does this is by scheduling classes that meet the real world needs of its students.  The college offers morning, afternoon and night classes.  This way, if you have a full-time job, a part-time job or things you need to do for your family, you can still take classes and get your degree or certificate.  In some subjects, students can complete a part of their coursework online.

Some students can go to school during the day.  Some have to work during the day.  Western Tech does not hold back the working students.  The college makes higher education possible for students on all types of schedules, including those who need to take night classes.  Even Western Tech’s career fairs and financial aid office hold evening hours.

Our schedule is designed to fit your schedule.  And you can get a quality education no matter what time you go to class.  Whether you take morning, afternoon or night classes, you will learn from instructors who really care about you and who have many years of experience and the proper certifications in their field.

Western Tech wants to get you where you want to go – as it has done for our more than 15,000 graduates.  If you want to better yourself, get a better job or begin your adult life in a new and exciting career, Western Tech schedules its classes to make that dream possible.  That’s what this college for the real world does for its students.

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