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Over the years, we have learned that our students can truly apply themselves to learning and succeeding when they have the support of their family. You play an important role in their success both as a student and as a working professional after graduation. As parents, you can greatly influence your student's successful transition to college. For many students, these years are the final journey from youth to adulthood. Your student needs support and structure while they learn responsibility. You can help by creating a realistic plan that encourages independence and success.

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Here are a few recommendations for parents and families as students join us on the Western Technical College campus.


Visit the Admissions page for more information on eligibility requirements. Our admissions office will guide you and your student through the entire process.

Student Financial Services

If your student has just enrolled or is packing at this moment, the top priority for you and your student is to have all necessary paperwork for financial aid and housing completed and turned in on time. Western Technical College has very popular educational programs; therefore the demand is very high for class seats. We have established strict deadlines for assessment and paperwork to be turned in to help secure your student's seat in class, otherwise you take the chance of being canceled for your chosen start date, which ultimately delays the beginning of your student's career. This is one of many lessons your student will learn in the area of deadlines and self-management.


We strongly recommend that all students open a checking account with a local bank for convenience in cashing checks. Banks are located close to both campuses and we will be glad to help students who want to establish an account. We also recommend that all new students arrive with a minimum of $750.00 for initial living expenses (in addition to any travel expenses).


There are a variety of housing options for students attending Western Technical College. We work with several local apartment locator services available in El Paso to assist out-of-town students in locating and securing affordable, well-managed, clean apartments within easy commuting distance. Students are not obligated to use these services, and if there are family or friends in the area that your student would like to live with, feel free to do so. For more information visit the housing page or reach out to Miriam Ortega at or by calling (915) 231-4919. 

Academic Advising

Tutoring is available without an additional fee for students who need additional help in some areas of the curriculum. Tutoring may be scheduled with faculty for one-on-one or group style review of material and development of study skills. Review classes are held prior to certification and licensure exams. Additional laboratory time is available to students wishing to practice hands-on technical applications.


Please consider that attending Western Technical College might be the first time your student is away from home and living with new roommates. It may take a month or two for your student to adjust to their new life. Be supportive of this new life, as it is one of the many transitions your student will go through. Don't be surprised if your student calls and is homesick. This is the toughest part of being a parent, but showing a little "tough love" is exactly what they need. You probably miss your student too, but you will need to talk to your student about the importance of staying in school and getting an education, and to not give in to missing friends and family. It is all worth it in the end.


We encourage you to check into insurance for your student. Usually, coverage will be extended while dependents are still full-time students. If the student has any medical conditions, bring a letter from their doctor. Also, ask your local physician for a referral to a doctor in the city you are moving to.

Part-Time Jobs

Many students are able to defray a part of their expenses by working while pursuing their studies. Western Technical College assists out-of-town students in locating part-time jobs on a space-available basis, but our main objective is to assist students with full-time employment after graduation.


You will receive a phone call from your Admission Representative scheduling your student for registration. If you are driving, we recommend having your car in for a tune-up. Check your tires, belts, hoses, radiator, oil, etc. Bring extra water and some tools, just in case. If your student does not have a car, look into bringing a bicycle with a lock. It can be used for quick trips to the store and bank.


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