Graduate Success: Wilfredo Andino Jr.

Wilfredo Andino Jr. says that he has learned to appreciate the most challenging & difficult moments experienced in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program because Western Tech has helped him to accomplish his goals and realize that he has the potential to achieve greater feats. Andino, the perfect picture of success, completed the PTA program at Western Tech and is now a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (LPTA) He says, “Western Tech helped prepare me to work in a variety of settings...they helped me to become a stronger student and a strong professional.” 

     Andino, who has formed lifelong relationships during his PTA study says, “My experience with Western Tech is an ongoing one. I still find myself interacting with former classmates, staff members, and instructors.”

     A “variety of work settings” is truly an understatement for Andino, who is now helping patients recover from major accidents, medical illnesses, and different types of surgeries. He says, “I perform gait training which includes teaching patients how to use assistive devices such as crutches, canes, & walkers, both surgical and traumatic wound care, therapeutic exercises (which include Neuromuscular Re-education, balance + strength training), stair training ,and more.”  

     As a LPTA, Andino is responsible for assisting patients who suffer from work related injuries recover & prepare them for their return to work. “I perform therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound & electrical stimulation, manual therapy such as soft tissue & joint mobilization, traction, and therapeutic exercises,” he says.  

     Andino has a busy work schedule as a contractor, but that’s because he is knowledgeable. He alternates his time between various therapy settings which include but are not limited to aquatic therapy & home health. Upon meeting and speaking with Andino, it is evident that he truly cares for the patients and his work; his professional goal is to provide quality care and help patients on the path to rehabilitation. He says, “For many years I worked as a Rehab Technician where I received insight into the field of Physical Therapy. I was inspired by the impact that physical therapy has in people's lives & by the variety of options that this career path offers.”

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