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Spring time is the time of year where flowers start blooming, grasses become greener and the crack of baseball bats at local parks drown out the silence of winter. This also the time of year allergy and asthma sufferers begin to sneeze, wheeze, have watery eyes and carry around tissue paper in their pockets like if they were the most valuable currency on the market today. Here in El Paso we may not get the famous “April Showers” per say but we do get our “West Texas April Showers,” that consist of howling winds, warm temperatures and instead of water falling from the heavens, we get SAND,SAND and more SAND falling from everywhere. All those elements in such graceful movements like a synchronized swim team, is a nightmare for those chosen few, but there is a way to help them.

Air filters is an excellent way to eliminate those allergens that are being circulated throughout your home by your air conditioner. All filters not the same as some make it out to believe. Buying filters at your local big box home repair store maybe inexpensive, but look at the label which contains a lot of important information that may affect your customers, employees, or a loved one’s health at home or at your place of business. Choosing the best air filter for your home protects everyone from pollen and pet dander that can trigger intense symptoms for sufferers. MERV is a rating used in the air filtration industry to measure the ability of an air filter to reduce small particles like dust, pollen and dander in the air. MERV is an acronym that stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the rating, the smaller the particles the filter removes from your indoor air.

There are different levels of measurement for an air filter’s ability to remove particles of various sizes. Here is a chart that should help you decide what rating works for you.

  1.        MERV 1 to 7 Filters. These filters provide minimal filtration. They are typically disposable fiberglass or synthetic panel filters within a cardboard frame and have to be replaced quite frequently.
  2.         MERV 8 Filters. This range of air filters will reduce pollen, pet dander, dust and other contaminants, as small as 3.0 microns. These air filters are good for capturing dust and mold spores.
  3.         MERV 11 Filters. Constructed with deep pleated, boxed media or bag filters, these are some of the most efficient air filters used in homes and commercial buildings. They increase efficiency and reduce allergens.
  4.        MERV 13 to 16 Air Filters. With the ability to trap up to 98% of airborne contaminants such as bacteria, tobacco smoke, cooking oil and droplet nuclei, these air furnace filters will capture allergens as small as 0.3 microns that trigger allergic reactions.

If you need any more information about filters or any other products, please swing by our Plaza Campus and look for the GREEN shirts. We look forward to seeing and speaking to you.


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