First Day on the Job

“Any advice for my first day on the job?’

1)      Make a good impression

Show up ten minutes early since this will show the employer that you are excited to be there. Make sure to turn off your cell phone, follow the dress code and look alert.

2)      Make friends with coworkers

Show that you are friendly and easy to work with. Introduce yourself to your new coworkers and try your best to remember their names.

3)      Expect to get the tasks no one else wants

Being the “new kid on the block” expect to get the tasks that nobody likes. Accept responsibilities and do a first class job.

4)      Show some initiative

When you are finished with your task don’t stand around waiting for the next one. Ask your supervisor and/or coworker what you can do to assist them. This will show you are team player and someone that is willing to work.

5)      Learn the rules

Learn the written rules and follow them. You might also want to know the unwritten rules as well so you won’t step on anyone’s toes especially seniority. Just remember you won’t be the “new kid on the block” for that long.


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