ISS specialists in demand as technology is on the rise.

 By: Valerie Herrera

(Information Systems and Security A+ Lab)

With the explosion of cutting edge technology influencing the advancement of society, computer hacking and cyber vandalism has become one of the most common crimes committed in the United States. This often results in the compromise of personal records and private information.

Western Tech’s Information Systems and Security (ISS) program understands that maintaining computer network security is quite vital these days and as cyber attacks become increasingly prolific, so does the demand for IT specialists.

(Students working in the Networking Classroom)

Through hands on experience working with nine of the best instructors coming from the industry, students study the essentials of networking and information security working with computers and various hardware and security software programs learning how to protect systems and network access from unauthorized users.

ISS Program Director, Kenneth Pivarnick says nobody else in El Paso offers a program like this with as many certifications as they do.

(Ken Pivarnick, Director of Information Systems and Security Program)

“You can walk out with a degree and up to nine professional certifications,” says Pivarnick. “You’re not going to touch that anywhere else.”

And with the field being so competitive these days, it’s no wonder why students are obtaining more than the two-certification requirement upon graduation.

To keep up with the continous change in the type of skills that are brought by innovations in technologies, ISS courses cover a range of materials in information technology platforms to security implementations and monitoring in Microsoft, Cisco and Linux applications.

In addition, students will find the outcome of their studies extemely useful as they prepare to take on the job field.

From certifications in CompTIA, to EC-Council computer hacking and forensic investigation, just to name a few, students can expect to not only get the most out of their money, but the most of their education at Western Tech.

(A+ lab equipment and modems used in the tech classrooms)

Becoming and IT professional extends beyond the ability to apply updated hardware and software programs and according to Pivarnick, degrees don’t carry as much weight as they used to either because “we are the most degreed country in the world.”

“The big emphasis here is, we really want to see our students succeed and we bend over back wards to help them in anyway that we can,” said Pivarnick. “ So unless you have that hands-on experience that makes you stand out along with the certifications that the industry recognizes, you probably won’t be meeting the criteria that employers are seeking.”

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