New Solar Workshops for HVAC Students and Community Partners!

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) sits at the heart of eco-technology. HVAC/R Program Director, Javier Zavala’s vision to provide his students a robust experience at Western Tech, includes introducing them to extra-curricular activities in energy management, such as workshops in solar electricity!

August 5th and August 8th, 2015 marks the beginning of the first wave of these solar workshops that immerse participants in a fun, hands-on, training environment using contractor-grade equipment to build live solar power generating systems.  Solar electric systems (also known as photovoltaics, or PV) are wired by participants during the workshop. Participants test the real-world capability of their systems by powering various household appliances and measure the electrical consumption requirements of each.

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Future workshops will feature advanced content in PV equipment sizing and electrical system design.

These no-cost, supplemental workshops provide participants a working knowledge in photovoltaics, as the HVAC/R industry continues to guide peripheral, energy sustainability career paths. Some of these career paths include thermography, weatherization, and energy management.

Who knew that so many green collar job markets orbit the HVAC/R industry?

For more information about our workshops, send an email to or if you are interested in our program call 866-297-6127 or fill out this request for more information TODAY! 

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