Western Tech’s first class of BAM program students to graduate.

By: Valerie Herrera

Dec. 2016

Dec. 14 - As 300 students walked across the stage receiving their diplomas and certifications during Western Tech’s winter commencement ceremony, Business Administration and Management’s (BAM) first class of 18 students successfully graduated the newly developed program.

Designed to meet with the industry’s high job demand, Western Tech designed the Associate Degree in Business Administration and Management-Hybrid Program to not only seek more opportunity in the field of business, but to offer students the flexibility to balance school, work and family life.

“Before we went hybrid, the cost of the program was much higher and we found students struggling to come to class every day because the class schedule conflicted with their work schedules.” said Vanessa Aguilera, Admissions Administrative Assistant. ” Going hybrid allowed us to lower the cost of tuition and give students the flexibility they needed to continue their education.”

After getting approvals from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), the Upper Rio Grande Accrediting Commission (URG), and Veterans Affairs (VA), the program officially went live with its first cohort class in March of 2015.

By offering 50% online instruction and 50% face to face class room instruction, students go to class only two days out of the week, day or night, while the remainder of class time is on-line using a Learning Management System (LMS).  The length of the program is 75 weeks.

While 103 students are currently enrolled in the hybrid program, three of last night’s graduates are working in internship sites and 11 of last night’s graduates have already found work in their field.

According to Business Program Director, Jesus Magana, expectations for the program have only exceeded since its conception in 2014 and he hopes to have continuous growth within the program.

“Enrollment numbers have doubled since we first started and transitioning from instructor to director has given me a better view of student needs.” Said Magana.

A business education can be a valuable investment regardless of the industry as business principles are practical skills needed to prosper and excel in any organization.  Having a solid business education not only poises individuals to start their own business, but it allows them to be competitive with the market and excel in any organization or business of their choice.

The Associate Degree in Business Administration and Management is versatile because of the variety of certifications for which a student may qualify for including; Word, Excel, Payroll, QuickBooks and Bookkeeping. In addition, Western Tech is one of the few schools in the nation that offers Digital Badge certifications, a clickable online record that provides evidence of academic achievement directly from the college.  This is a portable electronic way in which to provide evidence of skills mastery.

With careers available in the fields of management, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, public relations and human resources, the opportunities are endless for students with the right learning experience.

“Employers need individuals who are trained and up to date with the latest learning standards and at Western Tech, we do just that.” Said Vanessa Aguilera, Western Tech Admissions Administrative Assistant.


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