Good mechanics train on real world equipment

Drive on any highway for a few minutes and invariably there will be a vehicle stranded on the side of the road.  Drive to any automotive establishment for something as routine as an oil change or an annual inspection and, more than likely, there will be many motorists already sitting in the waiting-room queue.  Whether they work on a gasoline or a diesel engine, there will always be jobs for mechanics. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Customized Training 101

What is customized training?

Customized training is a program through which certified college instructors teach technical skills to workers in private, civic and public sectors in order to enhance workplace performance and to prepare employees to test for industry certifications.

Why is customized training advantageous? CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Benefits and Features

WesternTechnicalCollegeoffers a first-class education for the inexperienced worker trying to get an entry-level job and for the experienced worker who wants to develop new skills.  Experienced certified instructors guide students through classroom and hands-on laboratory learning so that students can have the know-how that many employers want to see. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Education for ‘real world’ ideal preparation in business world

Whether they are professionals transitioning to a new career path or high school graduates pursuing a dream career, new college graduates can look forward to interviewing with hiring managers who are looking for specific skills. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING



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