Student Massage Clinic

Come in and enjoy a wonderful relaxing Deep Tissue Massage, Mini Facial or a combination package by one of our excellent student interns. They have completed at least 450 hours of their course work, including practical hands on experience while under guidance and supervision of licensed instructor. Students look forward to continuing to develop their massage skills with your feedback in mind.

Booking Appointments

Western Technical College has two convenient ways to schedule your appointment.

You can always call (915) 231-4945 and either speak to one of our representatives,  If we are teaching at the moment please leave a message and we will be in touch with you very shortly. This is the only phone line dedicated to helping our clients schedule their sessions. The front desk staff does not schedule appointments.

When you schedule your appointments we wil text an instant confirmation. In order to maintain affordable rates, all appointments must be paid in advance. When scheduling your appointment by phone, you will be required to provide credit card information to process payment and lock your appointment. When scheduling online, you will receive a call from one of our student representatives or faculty members to process payment for your appointment. Your appointment is not locked in place until payment has been processed. Please check your email to ensure that we scheduled your appointment correctly. Your credit card information is not stored, which lends to secure processing. Please see our cancellation policy below.

Student Clinic Services

For the Public

1 Hour. Wellness Massage            $35

60min. Back, Neck, Shoulder        $35

90min. Deep Muscle Treatment     $45

2 Hour Custom Massage               $55


For Senior Citizens

1 Hour. Wellness Massage            $25

60min. Back, Neck, Shoulder        $25

90min. Deep Muscle Treatmen      $35

2 Hour Custom Massage               $45


For Active Military

1 Hour. Wellness Massage            $25

60min. Back, Neck, Shoulder        $25

90min. Deep Muscle Treatmen      $35

2 Hour Custom Massage               $45


For WTC Students and Employees

1 Hour. Wellness Massage            $15

60min. Back, Neck, Shoulder        $15

90min. Deep Muscle Treatmen      $25

 2 Hour Custom Massage              $35


Tipping Policy

Tipping students is not allowed. It is against the Texas Department State Health Services, Massage Therapy Licensing Program’s rules. Please refrain from offering students a tip. This will jeopardize the student’s future in the program. Your honest feedback to students based on your experience is all that we ask, which helps the students further develop their skills. Thank you for your cooperation.

Great Value

Western Technical College offers excellent student massages at a great price. Our wonderfully discounted massages make it possible for you to enjoy our services on a regular basis so you can experience a healthier and happier life.

Clinic Hours

Due to teaching schedules class schedules, clinic hours vary during weekdays. Although we normally have appointments available during the week starting at 8:30am through closing at 10:00pm, it is always best to check the online schedule for availability, or contact us by calling our student clinic at (915) 231-4945.

We are open most Saturdays 8:30am - 5:00pm

Cancellation Policy

To maintain affordable prices, and to minimize no-shows we have a no refund policy for no-shows and client request to stop sessions before scheduled end times. Arriving late to your appointment will reduce the duration of your service. There is a $5.00 rescheduling fee.  

Student Therapist Requests

We realize that our clients develop preferences for particular student therapists. When available, we may be able to accommodate requests, however this is based on availability and student clinic operations. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Clinic Etiquette  

Because the student clinic is a learning environment, therapeutic experiences may vary. No unattended children in our waiting area, or any part of WTC. Our clinic does not accommodate clients younger than 12 years old. Guardians must be present within in the treatment area during massage therapy sessions for all minors under the age of 17. To maintain a learning environment for all of WTC students, guests of the college must maintain minimal noise levels. WTC reserves the right to ask guests with excessive noise levels to move to the student cafeteria or leave the building. The student library is for students only. The student cafeteria can be used for guests as they wait for friends or family members receiving services, but must maintain minimal noise levels as well as keep children from disrupting normal operations conducive to our student culture. Please keep hallways clear at all times. For everyone’s safety, please do not set up “play stations” for children in hallways or anywhere on campus.

Massage Therapy Off Campus Events

Western Technical College students and graduates that possess their Massage Therapy License are eligible to participate in functions outside of the Western Tech Campus as Licensed Massage Therapists. Students and graduates that do not possess a Massage License cannot participate in any function representing Western Technical College. 


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