Good mechanics train on real world equipment

Drive on any highway for a few minutes and invariably there will be a vehicle stranded on the side of the road.  Drive to any automotive establishment for something as routine as an oil change or an annual inspection and, more than likely, there will be many motorists already sitting in the waiting-room queue.  Whether they work on a gasoline or a diesel engine, there will always be jobs for mechanics.  Whether they work at a service center or a racing team, there is an opportunity to excel for well-trained professionals.

One thing is certain for anyone who wants to enter this career field.  There is no substitute for hands-on training with the vehicles and engines in the industry and with certified and experienced instructors.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a certified professional mechanic, then read on for key information that you will want to know.

Whatever a future mechanic needs to know, there is a place in El Paso in which he or she can learn it exquisitely by working on a wide variety of vehicles and engines.  Western Technical College in El Paso, Texas, offers the Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in two mechanic programs that are ASE Master Certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation.  There is a Diesel Mechanic Training Program, and there is an Automotive Technology Program.  Each can be completed in 20-25 months, and there are day and evening classes.  Each has the equipment with which to bestow future mechanics with the versatility they need to find multiple entry-level opportunities.

Students in WTC’s Diesel Mechanic Training Program can get their hands on over the road trucks manufactured by:

  • Volvo
  • Freightliner
  • Kenworth
  • International
  • Many more

 These students actually learn how to service just about every type of engine coming off the line today, including those made by:

  • Cummins
  • Cat
  • Detroit
  • Diesel
  • Caterpillar

Automotive Technology Program students at Western Tech work on Chrysler, Ford and all of the domestic products.  Additionally, they can learn firsthand about the intricacies of Nissan and Toyota products.  This is type of broad hands-on training that a newly minted mechanic needs to get that first job.  The students learn the theory of operation by doing as well as by reading.

Reinforcing the on-site study, Western Tech students in the automotive and diesel programs obtain real-world experience in a compulsory 200-hour internship program.  This door-opening experience is where potential employers find out what the students are made of and whether they may be suitable post-graduation employees.  Interns have a chance to learn about which type of workplace suits them.  Some of the Western Tech interns work at dealerships.  Some of them intern at heavy equipment facilities.  There are even internship opportunities at Don Schumacher Racing, for those who believe auto racing is the field for them.

Graduates can work for repair facilities, wholesalers, retailers of parts, and just about anywhere else in the industry.  Western Technical College can be the beginning of the journey, with solid training on modern equipment.  But how far graduates go depends on their drive.

“We train the individuals for the entry-level position in the field that they have chosen,” Program Director Jack Werner said.  “They are going to learn the basics here… and then you have to grow within the business.”

For anyone who aspires to be employed in the automotive or diesel field, it is the training that sets apart the entry-level applicant.  Sound training incorporates the balance of classroom study and hands-on learning.  Similarly, well-rounded training offers students the opportunity to work in the real world, where they can learn from experienced personnel how to be a professional and where they can show potential employers that they have a lot to offer.  There is one more aspect of comprehensive training available that must not be overlooked: the equipment on which the students learn.  Western Technical College is one school that offers all of these qualities.  And that is the reason its graduates have so many opportunities to excel.

To get more information about the automotive technology and diesel mechanic programs, contact Western Technical College toll-free at 1-800-225-5984 or visit the college online at

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