Graduate Success: Fidel Gonzalez

Western Technical College is honored to share the success story of Diesel Technology graduate, Fidel Gonzalez. Gonzalez completed the diesel program at Western Tech, in January of 2011, and he went on to open his own business, Roadrunner Diesel and Transportation, the same year in September. He describes his business, its services, and their motto: "It is a diesel and automotive based service. We handle all service from tires to repairs on everything from cars to tractors.  We also do road side service calls 24 hours a day and will even come to you and bring you and your vehicle back to the shop. We are fair priced, too, because we are not looking to get rich off one job here. Our company motto is 'Let me and my crew take care of you.'"

Gonzalez has even hired another Western Tech graduate to work for him, and he explains why: "I know it was tough to make it through the program at Western Tech because of the challenging courses, and if you do, then you know something about this industry." The graduate that Gonzalez is referring to is Andres Curier, and of him Gonzalez says, "We were in class together and he was very hands-on; you could tell him go take off this transmission, and he would do it without coming back to ask questions- he knew what he was doing."  It reflects positively on the College that graduate and business owner Gonzalez would want to hire other graduates, because he knows that they are coming from the college with the same knowledge and hands-on experience.

In reference to his experience Gonzalez says, "Well, it was fun and exciting and a great experience. It was great learning how to take things apart put them back together and know what each part is for and what it does. It is exciting to know what each part does in the truck. My favorite phase and Instructor was the electrical phase with Mr. Acevedo; he was a really good teacher. He broke it down for us and took the extra time to go through each process until he was sure we understood it. He made sure we knew what we were doing before we left his class."

He adds that in addition to required curriculum he also "learned how to present myself in a professional manner in general from the whole college; we had to dress a certain way and be professional in everything we did. I use to be late, but Western Tech made me understand what it was to be professional and how to succeed." He continues, "My favorite thing about Western Tech was the discipline they gave us and how the teachers were willing sit down with us and go through things step by step. Mr. Acevedo would look at our faces to know whether we did or did not understand the concept at hand and go through it until we did." He concludes, "An important aspect of Western Tech is the hands-on work in addition the book learning. We learn to understand the whole system before getting to the hands-on, which is perfect for us because we can look at schematics and understand what we are working on while we are doing the job."

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