Western Tech Graduate Gets State of Texas Recognition

Western Technical College (WTC) can proudly claim the Student of the Year for the State of Texas as named by the Career Colleges and Schools of Texas (CCST) for 2010.  Adam Arce graduated from the Electronics Engineering Technology Program in June of 2009, and he is currently working for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  Helen Garcia, Career Services Director, took notice of Arce’s work ethic and spirit to persevere despite obstacles while he was in school, and she nominated him for the award.

Arce says, “My experiences at college were difficult and at some times stressful, but throughout my time I thought of the benefits that would come out of it all.” He adds, “I want to thank my mom and dad, teachers, and even everyone who said I couldn’t do it. In truth, I really have to say, I did it all for my son. I knew he would benefit from my success.”

Adam Arce is the picture of perseverance working through a divorce to finish school and achieve his goals. In October 2010, CCST held an awards ceremony in Galveston, TX at which Arce was honored. Arce says of the ceremony, “I felt so good being the only one to receive an award for my personal success rather than others that got 'company awards'.”

Arce is the best illustration of what dedication in school can yield; he is honored for his dedication to education and continues to succeed given his personal philosophy. “You can never know too much of anything.” He advises current and future students to “choose your career wisely and go for it! My thoughts were always every time I learned a new thing I would apply it to anything I could. Learn everything they put in front of you. You might think it’s not going to be used!?  It is all used. Use your knowledge and push people (figuratively) to get experience. Don’t let anyone say you can’t do it. Do your best at anything you do! I apply my best at anything I touch. DON'T QUIT! Keep your head up high. The light at the end of the tunnel just gets brighter and success awaits you!”

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