Western Technical College: College for the Real World.

If you’ve got a passion, and now you want a career, we’re just the school for you. Western Technical College, is an accredited career school located in El Paso, Texas. Since
1970, our real-world approach combines classroom learning with hands-on experience, and that is one of the many reasons our graduates find success in their careers.

Our goal at Western Technical College is to help you turn your passion into a successful career. We provide you with everything you need, from the necessary skills, certificates and degrees, to solid career advice and internships.

Our faculty and staff at Western Tech are committed to helping you every step of the way from your studies, to graduation, and employment.

We want all Western Tech students to share an exceptional educational experience, and we hire instructors who are outstanding professionals in their respective fields. Western Technical College equipment and facilities will help prepare you for your first day on the job!

Achieve Your Educational Goals...

A combination of hands-on experience, traditional classroom work, flexible schedules and industry-specific career development is what sets your college experience apart. 

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Graduate Success Story - Chance Black

Life Obstacles Overcome Through Education & Perseverance

Chance Black is a very hard working person and although his life has not been easy, nothing has stopped him from fulfilling his dreams. Before deciding to go to Western Tech and becoming a success, he was working in a job that was very low in pay. His wife was also working in a part-time job, but they were behind several car payments and had no place to live.  “We stopped paying all of ...

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