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Internships provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills learned in school at an actual employer job site prior to graduation. You will improve your new skills by working alongside experienced professionals in your field.

Internship Host

Western Technical College’s Internship Program presents employers with a unique opportunity to get a preview of a student’s talent and level of expertise while the student applies what he/she learned in their coursework in a real-life setting. These beneficial relationships show our employers the value of students produced by Western Tech. There is no cost to being an Internship host, and students understand that they will serve without pay but will instead receive experience and feedback.

Rules and Regulations

During Internships students must comply with the same work schedule and hours as the regular employees at their intern site. During your Internship, you will normally work eight (8) hours per day and you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly. Any exceptions must be approved by the Internship site coordinator.

You will be placed into an approved business location based on your field of study. If you’re from out of town, you can plan on returning to your hometown for your Internship. Normally the Internships are unpaid.

The Internship Program Coordinator will closely supervise each student's progress for a total of at least one hundred (160) clock hours. Supervision will consist of reviewing weekly student evaluations provided by the sponsor site and scheduled/unscheduled weekly intern site visits. The intern site manager or supervisor will complete weekly student evaluations. During this review, any deficiencies indicated will be addressed with the student. The student will work with the Internship Program Coordinator to establish an individual study program designed to address and correct the areas that may need improvement.

The student must successfully complete the Internship Program before he/she will be allowed to graduate and receive a diploma.


Please submit an Request for Internship Partnership to become a Western Tech Internship host.

For further information on our Internship programs, please contact Western Technical College at (915) 532-3737


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