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Factory level Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks training with the Diesel Advanced Education Program to start in 2019

November 9, 2018

September 13, 2018– Western Technical College a 2017 Innovation in Education award winner has formed a strategic partnership in education with industry leaders Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks. Utilizing OEM approved curriculum Western Technical College will offer the Diesel Advanced Technology Education (DATE) Program beginning early next year. Western Technical College is the only college west of the Mississippi approved to offer this proprietary Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks factory level training. The DATE curriculum is a high impact 500 hour program that covers 12 robust and exciting classes. Graduates are prepared for immediate employment at any of hundreds of Mack and Volvo dealerships across the United States and Mexico.

The innovative DATE curriculum will be taught by dedicated OEM master certified instructors. Graduates of the program will receive an Associate of Occupational Studies in Diesel Mechanics and the highly sought-after manufacture’s certification from the DATE program.

The DATE program provides dynamic factory level training on factory level equipment. Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks is committed to the success of every student enrolled in the DATE program and is providing Western Technical College late model Mack and Volvo trucks, late model engines, transmissions, specialty tools, computer based diagnostic software and exclusive access to the latest Mack and Volvo OEM technology.  With small class sizes every student will receive intense theory and hands-on training from a team of factory certified instructors. Graduates of the Western Technical College DATE program will be trained and ready to go to work for Mack and Volvo dealerships.  DATE graduates will be equipped with the skills to be successful and advance in this high paying industry.

“We are thrilled that our students will have access to this caliber of diesel truck education,” says Jack Werner, Program Director at Western Technical College.  “It has always been difficult for employers to find trained technicians for the highly-technical heavy-truck equipment found in the industry today.  Through this curriculum, Western Technical College graduates will be ready to fill those highly specialized jobs.” Matt Flynn, Director, Volvo Trucks Academy states, “It’s a beneficial endeavor for everyone. The DATE program at Western Tech will help our dealer network address the severe shortage of technicians while helping future technicians improve their personal success”.

Western Technical College was selected from a list of dozens of colleges nationwide to be the only DATE program location in the entire western United States.

Across the industry, technicians are reaching retirement age. The demand for qualified technicians is increasing every day.  “Modern truck technology offers many benefits to customers, but it also requires advanced skills for maintenance and repair,” said Roy Walton, Senior Manager, Aftermarket Training for Mack Trucks Academy. By 2025, the diesel industry will face a critical shortage of trained technicians.  Current diesel students at Western Tech will also gain exposure to the Mack and Volvo product.  Western Technical College diesel alumni as well as graduates from other college’s diesel programs will qualify to apply for the DATE Program.

“There are over 500 Mack and Volvo dealerships across the United States and Mexico that are actively hiring qualified and trained techs.  This provides an ideal opportunity for our students,” added Sharpe.  “We plan to market our DATE graduates across the country, as well as in places such as La Paz, Mexico. The potential for relocation with a healthy salary is tremendous.”