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Western Tech Hosts McKenzie Treatment Technique Specialized Training

December 15, 2020

At Western Tech we pride ourselves in forming partnerships that matter! Over the weekend (December 18th – December 20th), The McKenzie Institute allowed Western Tech to host Part A of the McKenzie treatment technique. This unique treatment technique is utilized worldwide for spine and extremities issues. This training is broken down into segments. The course held this weekend was Part A. Parts B, C, and D will be completed later, at a different location. Before attending the three-day course, participants had to complete an eight-hour online portion. This portion was then followed by a mandatory test that required a passing grade. Those who passed could attend this specialized training.

Participants consisted of two Physical Therapists from Utah,  one from California, two from New Mexico, and two from surrounding Texas areas. The remaining individuals were from our home city of El Paso with occupations as Physical Therapist, Clinicians, and Chiropractors! There were 23 total attendees in total. Amongst those who participated were graduates of WTC’s PTA program, Albert Valadez and Diana Alamandor, and Yvette Alvarado, a PTA instructor at WTC!

Every two years Western Tech must hold a continuing education program to remain certified and renew the Physical Therapist Assistant Program’s license. Again, thank you to Mckenzie Institute for helping us achieve our renewal status with such remarkable training!