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Western Tech Donates Chrome Books to Students in Need

April 30, 2020

Western Technical College has partnered up with the Success Through Technology and Education (STTE) Foundation to help raise and gift laptops (new and donated) to 15 students from various school districts across the region. These efforts are an attempt to bridge the gap and the financial difficulties these students face in completing their education remotely. The recipients were pre-screened and selected from a pool of 1,400 submissions under the TIES (Technology Initiative Empowering Students) Project.

“Through the TIES project, STTE has localized students and parents that are experiencing the financial impact of COVID-19 and are faced with the challenge of completing their coursework from home.  STTE intends on enabling students to continue their education remotely as well as remove their families of a financial burden and we’re grateful to organizations like Western Tech that can be of that support,” stated Joseph Sapien, Executive Director | STTE Foundation

“As an educational organization in the El Paso community, we certainly understand the importance of completing an education and feel honored to be able to be partnering with a foundation like STTE. Foundations such as STTE are what make El Paso great and contribute to the overall leaders of our community,” commented Brad Kuykendall, CEO | Western Technical College.

On Saturday, May 2, 2020 from 12pm-1pm, the students that were selected will be gathering at Western Technical College located at 9451 Diana Dr, to receive their new laptops.