Job Hunting Tips

1) Reach out to companies you admire - Researching employers is one of the best ways to become a stand-out candidate during the hiring process. You will discover details about the employer that will better prepare you for any interview.

2) Focus on quality, not quantity - Focus on a specific job and submit exactly what the employer request: cover letter, resume, etc.

3) Tap online job sites - Look beyond the usual mega-sites like and

4) Use your network to make you look good - If a friend knows the person who’s in charge of hiring you, ask him or her to reach out to the hiring manager.

5) Pound the pavement - Print out a stack of resumes and drive around depositing them at offices.

6) Be persistent - Called or E-mailed prospective employers at least twice a week.

7) Stay organized - Keep track of everyone you talk to and create a tickler file to remind you to follow up with people.


“If you really want do to something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find a excuse”

Jim Rohn

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