So, you went to a job interview. What's next?

Here are a few things you can do after a job interview:

1. Send a thank you note - Thank the manager for meeting with you. Don't forget to mention the date and title you interviewed for. 

2.Call The Manager- A few days after your interview, call the manager to see if he or she has made a decision. 

    a. call and introduce yourself

   b. Ask if a decision has been made

   c. If you got the job, ask these questions "when would you like me to start?"  " what should i bring ion my first day?" "Whom do I report to?"

  d. If no desision has been made, ask if you are still a candidate for consideration. Ask when you should call back for an update.

   e. If you didn't get the job, thank them anyway. Ask that they call you should another position become available. Let them know you are willing to            interview again.

3. If you don't get the job- Stay in touch. Remember jobs open up all the time. The idea is to become the first person they think of when another             opening comes up.

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