What to wear to a job interview

Start with a good night's sleep!

Employers expect to meet someone who is enthusiastic, energetic  and excited to be there.


It will help you look sharp, alert and healthy!

Brush your teeth!

Get the manager to remember your ideas, your skill, your personality-not what you had for breakfast. Brush, floss and use a mouthwash.

Use deodorant and an antiperspirant!

The manager will think that you are as cool as a cucumber. Rub a litlle on your hands and you will have a smooth dry handshake too.

Use eye drops!

Get the red out and let your eyes twinkle!

Trim  your nails

Guys, long finger nails are a turn off. Most hiring managers will notice when they reach to shake your hand. Ladies, hiring managers won't be impressed if long nails prevent you from doing work.

Wear Clean, freshly pressed clothes

Looking sharp tells the manager that you take prifde in your appearance and your work.

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