Graduate Success Story - Chance Black

Life Obstacles Overcome Through Education & Perseverance

Chance Black is a very hard working person and although his life has not been easy, nothing has stopped him from fulfilling his dreams. Before deciding to go to Western Tech and becoming a success, he was working in a job that was very low in pay. His wife was also working in a part-time job, but they were behind several car payments and had no place to live.  “We stopped paying all of our credit cards. We had just enough money to put food on the table and gas in the car so that we could eat and I could go to college,” said Chance.  Sometimes there wasn’t gas money, but for Chance, persistence paid off.  He recalls that at one point he knew he didn’t have enough money for gas, and he drove his car all the way up Transmountain so that he could coast the car downhill to be able to get to school.  “These are the sacrifices we make,” says Chance. 

He and his wife lived with his aunt for a year and with his father for another year after that.  While at Western Tech he was attending the Electronic Engineering Program. Before graduating in May 2010 he was offered an interview with Halliburton. Halliburton offered him a job in Odessa, Texas as a field technician.  As an entry level technician, he immediately started with a $60,000.00 salary and after a year received an increase into $100,000.00.  After 4 years of working very hard and every day learning more and more about the field, he was given a promotion as Field Lead Supervisor in Denver, Colorado. 

In Denver, Chance supervises 4 or 5 different crews and is responsible for every field technician in those crews. Last month he hit his 5-year anniversary and received an award. After all these accomplishments he was able to finally purchase a home. “I never thought in a million years that I would own a home,” says Chance. “Trust me, I don’t forget where I came from.” Chance keeps working hard every day and continues to learn about his industry, so he can keep bettering his life.

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